How to Add Empty Spaces to Your iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreaking

  1. Tap and hold an icon on your home screen to make your icons wiggle, then swipe to the left until you get to a blank page

  2. Take a screenshot of this page

  3. Visit in Safari on your iPhone

  4. Tap “Customize,” then tap “CUSTOM Mode”

  5. Tap “Add,” then tap the “Choose File” button

  6. Tap “Photo Library,” then select the screenshot you just created

  7. Tap “Upload Photo”

  8. You will now be greeted by a home screen with a bunch of icons; you need to tap the positions that you want to turn invisible on your home screen. For instance, if you want to create space in the top left corner, tap “1 x 1.” For bottom right, choose “6 x 4.”

  9. Once you’ve selected a position, you will be presented with a custom icon. Now tap the Share button, then select “Add to Home Screen”

  10. Tap “Add” without making any changes

  11. Repeat this process for all the blank icons you require

  12. Now return to your home screen and move the new icons into the correct positions on the home screen, and they will appear invisible, creating what looks like a blank space

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